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Name Tag (badge) ribbons are basically inexpensive announcement devices that bring enhanced attention to a person or event. Name Tag ribbons are either stand-alone stick-ons (with attachment tape on bottom) or add-ons that attach under regular printed name tags (tape on top). The orientation can be vertical or horizontal. The message is usually a single word or short phrase but can be as long as you want - especially when the ribbon is vertical. Simple graphics or a logo can be added to enhance the message. And Name Tag ribbon can be ordered with peel-&-stick tape pre-installed, so they arrive ready-to-use!

Because each message requires the creation of a metal print plate (called a die), it is not financially practical to use Name Tag ribbon as individualized name tags. Rather, they are best used as a general category announcement devices - Speaker, Exhibitor, Board Member, Usher, Big Wig. And the color of the ribbon can also be used to further signify categories. In fact, we have created Name Tag ribbon with no print at all -- the colors are used as category identifiers (ie: look for the person with the RED tag, etc). So when designing your Name Tag ribbon, think creatively about text, colors and orientation.

Name Tag ribbons are powerful, cost effective tools that can enhance any special event!

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Rush Orders in as little as 5 Days!

Vertical Name Tag Ribbon with Tape
Horizontal Name Tage Ribbons with Tape
Printed Name Tag Ribbon
Name Tag Ribbons

View our growing selection of Pre-Printed Name Tag Ribbons that are ready to go. They can be ordered complete with double-sided tape (just peel & stick and you're ready to go) or add a full color, Custom Printed Button to your Name Tag ribbon to create one of our exclusive Custom Ribbon Buttons™, for a powerful added punch!

Ribbon Button - Conetta Designs
Custom Ribbon Button™
(2.25" Pin-back Button with 2.0" Acetate Satin Ribbon)

Ribbon a la Carte!

Your ribbon arrives ready-to-use, as ordered - pre-cut with tape installed (if applicable) - and professionally packed and delivered on time!

If you have a logo or emblem to add to your printed ribbon - no problem - we can create Special Designs and add them to your layout - just the way you want it - and at no extra charge.

Match Your Colors!

We have a large Acetate Satin Ribbon Catalog, so you can match the colors of your event or your logo for a truly professional touch!

Keep in mind that the printed information is ONE COLOR, SOLIDS ONLY
and the print is on ONE side of the ribbon only.

Fast Delivery!
in as little as 5 Days

And if you need your Name Tag ribbons fast, you have come to the right place, because we offer a very fast Rush Service - (a small Rush processing fee and added shipping may apply).

So let's get started dressing up that plain meeting or special event!

Order Custom Name Tag Ribbon

Rush Orders in as little as 5 Days!



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